3 Points to Take Away From the Women's World Cup

As Americans, we are obsessed with winners, heroes, and domination. The 2015 Women's World Cup provided all of that, to the max. The U.S. Women’s National Team did not simply win the World Cup; it was emphatically victorious. Besides creating a fairytale-esque ending to the tournament, the win has strong implications in the larger scope of women's soccer development. In an analysis of the tournament, here are three aspects of the outcome that must not be ignored.  

A Tribute to Them, to Us.

This piece is in honor of a particular type of player. I have names and faces in mind, but more generally, it is a group defined by a certain professionalism that I believe is nearly unparalleled in any other work environment. This is my tribute to a group of women who have dedicated years of passionate work and pride to their trade, often in a world that is unable to fully reward them.

Holding Soccer Drive and Devotion to a Certain Standard

It’s encouraging to witness first-hand how soccer is taking off in the United States. According to a recent survey, youth soccer participation rates increased roughly 300 percent from 1974 to 2014. During my current off-season, I have conducted a number of clinics for some of these youth players. Typically, a club will invite me in for a day, and I work with boys and (mostly) girls on and off the field. Ages and ability levels vary greatly, but I am always astounded and moved by the level of enthusiasm and eagerness I see in the players.

The Art of Pickup

We call it pickup, but for any of us who play regular small-sided games with a group, let’s be honest–we all know it’s much more serious than that. Good pickup soccer is an art. The proper balance must be met in order for everyone involved to enjoy themselves, get better, and want to come back. Just like in a movie, there are some typical characters in any pickup group. Some are integral to a great game, and some we could all do without. Let’s examine the cast of a typical pickup game…

Is the U.S. Behind Technically? 4 Questions to Consider in the Analysis of How We Match Up in the Soccer World

[Originally Published on The Special Ones] Anyone who watches the U.S. National Teams with a critical eye has surely contemplated the discussion of a potential technical deficit compared to the rest of the world. On both the men’s and women’s side, the typical American team displays unparalleled passion, courage, desire to win, and most often fields fit, strong athletes. That’s a given when you see a group donning the red, white, and blue. Where does our nation stand with the ball at our feet, though? Before we can answer that question, it is valuable to delve into a deep analysis of soccer technique.

An Even Playing Field for the Women's World Cup

The clock is ticking as the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada approaches next summer.

National teams are preparing, working to identify the players that will give them the best chance for success. Fans are gearing up, some booking tickets to experience the event in person. But there is something gnawing at the enthusiasm within the women’s soccer world. The World Cupvenues all have artificial turf fields.