My Bags Are Packed for Portugal

I’m almost done packing and ready to head off to Portugal! For me, packing involves arranging my two outfits, cleats and toiletries into the smallest bag possible. I like to not have to check a bag, and I think traveling is a lot more enjoyable when I’m not lugging around a ton of stuff. Also, I’m always striving to pack the lightest (again, I’m really not competitive at all!). Unfortunately, Casey Nogueira has outdone me on the last few trips, taking only a backpack. I’m not prepared to travel that sparsely, but I’m pretty proud of my one small bag.

Some things on my “must pack” list: “F.C. Barcelona’s Road to Rome” DVDs (which includes the 2009 Champions League final), my iPod, journal, reading material (I borrowed “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell from my Sky Blue F.C. coach, Pauliina), my “Learning Brazilian Portuguese” book and CD (I have to get ready for the upcoming season and the return of my Brazilian buddy, Rosana), gushers, adapter, my food diary that I kept for a week to go over with our conditioning coach, and my passport (not as important as the Barca DVDs, but I figured it would be helpful).

I’m looking forward to my first Algarve Cup, and although I always get that momentary feeling of questioning, “Am I fully prepared?” I know that I’ve done all that I could to be ready. Despite the fact that my official trip goals are hidden within the privacy of my journal, my focus is to enjoy every moment and learn as much as possible. More to come from Portugal.