My World Cup Predictions

I just booked my ticket to France.

It’s been my lifelong dream to go to the World Cup. As a young player, and up until about a year ago, I had dreamed of playing on the greatest stage this game has to offer. I got close: playing in the 2010 World Cup Qualifying tournament and being the last center midfielder cut before the 2011 World Cup team was announced. So, as I looked up flights with my sister, checked train schedules, and sent messages to try to find tickets to purchase, it was a very strange feeling for me.

I'm not done.

Here’s the thing about my life until now: I’ve been certain about a lot.

I’ve known since I was 9 that all I ever wanted to do, or be, is a professional soccer player.

I’ve been clear that my top priority in life since then has been becoming the absolute best I can be.

My love for the game has never wavered (except for my 12th birthday soccer party, after which I cried and decided none of this was worth it, because my friends Matt and Bernard were so much better than me).

All my decisions have been dictated by my consuming desire to become an expert in my field. And that has endured.

Letting Go

"If you love something let it go; if it comes back to you, it's yours forever; if it doesn't, then it was never meant to be.” - Unknown

It was last January (2017) when my current flareup of Ulcerative Colitis began. I had been in remission for some time and honestly probably didn’t even remember that I had the disease. After the season I had moved to LA, where my boyfriend was working for Fox Soccer. So I was creating yet another “home”, training hard, spending every extra minute of the day working on Techne Futbol, and just being my usual overly-ambitious self.

Find Your Team

Confession: I've often wished I played an individual sport. I enjoy training on my own and like the idea of being solely responsible for my own successes or failures. 

Since I was 8 years old, I’ve been part of a team. As a youth player, my team was a temporary group that supported my development until I was ready for a new challenge. I played up on older teams, was the only girl on a boys’ team, and spent a lot of time guest playing. So, while the team was a group to collaborate with on the field, that was about all it was for me.

The Truth About Pro Athletes

Professional athletes are crazy. Yes, you read that right. Absolutely insane. 

A big piece of my working to come back to heath from a very long flareup of Ulcerative Colitis has been uncovering mental and emotional patterns I’ve had that may not be healthy. And as I practice self-awareness, I realize that MOST of my thought processes are unhealthy! In fact, they’re pretty crazy.

The Performance Equation

The performance equation is a broken one. 

For those of you who read my piece from 2013, Soccer and Logic Don't Always Mix, well, below is somewhat of a version 2.0. 

You see, this sport continues to plague those of us who enjoy the reliability of basic logic. In soccer/life, energy expended doesn’t always equal energy lost. Sometimes we build energy from using it. And a player’s ability doesn’t always translate to an equivalent level of success. 

How to Be An Entrepreneur in Business, Athletics, and Life

How to Be An Entrepreneur in Business, Athletics, and Life

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Even if you don't, you may be one and not even realize it.

I’m about to enter my ninth season as a professional player, and last October I launched my own business, Techne Futbol. Becoming an entrepreneur has been a very interesting process for me, especially once I realized I've always been one! The truth is, as a professional athlete -- and my entire life beforehand when I was aspiring to be one -- I've always been an entrepreneur. My “business” has been my personal athletic development. Now that I've launched another, more traditional business, Idraw so many parallels between my two jobs. 

The Present of Our Presence

The Present of Our Presence

On Saturday, January 21 I was surrounded by women. I wasn’t at one of the women’s marches, but instead at a soccer camp, put on by the University of Washington, that had been planned months before the marches were a “thing.” As I scrolled through photos and videos on social media showing the crowds that lined the streets of cities all over the world, I felt so incredibly proud to be a woman. But I also regretted not being present myself at one of the marches.

5 Musts I'm Bringing Into 2017

5 Musts I'm Bringing Into 2017

2016 was a busy year, and like a lot of people, I took some time to reflect around January 1. My resolutions include taking more time off to unwind and also to disconnect from reading anything on social media that leaves me with a negative feeling (yes, I get caught in that trap, too). However, I realized that instead of making a huge list of how I want to change, it’s more fun to think of how I don’t want to change. Here are some things that were part of my life in 2016 that will certainly stay with me in 2017!

Finding My "Why"

Finding My "Why"

I was running on the treadmill alone the other day in the gym of my apartment complex. (There was a light rain here in L.A., which is the equivalent of Armageddon; no chance of going outside to train). I was likely alone because it was Christmas Eve, and everyone else was doing something much more festive. But I was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing.

What You Should Know About HAO...

Sometimes I want to strangle Heather O’Reilly. Mostly because she knows me well enough to know how to REALLY get under my skin. But also because I’ve had to witness her, throughout her illustrious 15-year USWNT career, likely be the only player in the history of the program to preface talking about every single training camp with, “If I’m invited.” 

I grew up not that far from Heather in New Jersey, played at a few ODP events with her, and we overlapped two years at UNC. But I really only truly got to know her in my first year as a pro for Sky Blue FC. It’s ironic because Heather’s literally lived all my childhood goals (and her own I’m sure). And because of that, she taught me one of the most important lessons I could have possibly learned in my career and in life. She taught me that’s there’s remarkable value in the journey.

Does being an athlete build character?

Every elite athlete certainly shares a level of heightened appreciation for the Olympics. When I watch gymnasts take a deep breath before a pass on their floor routine, I feel the release of tension as they free their minds and let their preparation take over. When I see track athletes on the starting line or swimmers on the blocks, I feel the pressure of the countless hours they’ve invested for that very moment. Tears of victory and defeat are infused with intense meaning for someone who has cried them. 

Reflections From Our Book Club That Doesn't Read Books...

Our FC Kansas City team recently started a book club. Well actually, it's more of an essay/book intro/excerpt club. An entire book was too much of a commitment (I know, stereotypical athletes).

One of our goalkeepers, Cat Parkhill, chooses the readings and leads the discussions. She's very well versed in the topics we are reading and discussing because she majored in psychology and is currently doing research.