Sky Blue F.C. and the Power of Seven

Here are my top seven reasons why Sky Blue F.C. could make another late-season comeback and win the 2010 Women’s Professional Soccer championship: For those of you following our results in W.P.S., it is no secret: Sky Blue F.C. is struggling. But it is also no secret that in this league, with seven enormously talented teams, anything can happen! What follows are the reasons why no one should lose hope in Sky Blue F.C. … because we, the players, certainly have not.

History No other team in W.P.S. has come from last place to win the championship. (Yes, W.P.S. has only one season under its belt, but I decided to exclude that detail.) And this season, we have not even been in last place!

Innovation The other day we played a mean game of kickball at training. For the record, my team won. I am not really sure how this will help us, but I think it is fair to say that no other teams are employing such innovative training techniques.

Leadership I just tried to search Guinness World Records to see if we hold one at Sky Blue F.C.: Most coaches for a sports team over two seasons. The category does not exist, so I am just going to go ahead and say we have the world record! We have now had five coaches in only two seasons. This unprecedented feat could seem like a drawback, but really we have become malleable and wise. Each of our leaders helped to shape the group we have today and imparted tidbits of fútbol knowledge that we carry with us. Our current coaching staff believes in us wholeheartedly and is working tirelessly to help us succeed.

Competitive Fire We have a player who rivals Paulie D’s (from “Jersey Shore”) blowout. Just Google Image Daphne Koster and you will see that she clearly has a cooler “Jersey Shore” hairdo than anyone you will find on the show. With that kind of competitive fire, how could a team not be successful?

Logic F.C. Gold Pride is currently ranked No. 1 and we beat them, 2-0, last time we played them. So, shouldn’t we technically be in first place?

Morale Our coach, Rick Stainton, tells us jokes before practice. I doubt any other team gets such a quality laugh before training.

Experience The majority of our current team was part of the W.P.S. championship team from last season. We have Olympic gold medalists, a Women’s World Cup winner, N.C.A.A. national champions and on a personal level, I was the World Class Soccer Camp soccer/tennis champion for multiple years in a row. So, we surely know what it takes to win.

I have to admit that this was originally supposed to be a Top 10 list. Maybe if you come watch our next home game on Aug. 11  you can help with the last three reasons we could pull this off. Looking at last year, you understand why there is more than hope; there is experience to back it up. All we have to do is make it to the playoffs (top four teams). So, one game at a time. …