Evidence for the Relativity of Time

For those of you who know and understand Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, cool. You’re way more advanced than me. I’d like to provide us normal humans with my own evidence for the Theory of Relativity. 

Basically, Einstein realized that space can contract and time can dilate, so they are not fixed measurements in the universe, as was originally considered fact. As an athlete, I’m quite positive that I have experienced time and space bend and reshape right before my eyes. Here, I offer you the athlete version of the Theory of the Relativity of Time. 

In order to prove my theory, I encourage you to try this experiment and/or comment below and give us all another example to try.

The Relativity of 2 Minutes

HAO Treadmill Intervals (you can blame Heather O'Reilly for these): 

Run for 4 minutes on the treadmill (1 minute at speed 8, 1 minute at 9, 1 at 10, 1 at 10.5). 

Take 2 minutes rest. 

Complete 4 sets. 

The first 2-minute rest may seem slightly longer than the rest, but in general, you will feel very familiar with the 2-minute countdown. I venture to guess you may even dread that 30-second-left point. Those last 30 seconds fly by before you can even gasp for the remaining amount of oxygen needed to start again.

NOW, time for some planks:

No need to fear, all that I ask is that you plank for that same short 2 minutes that you rested between intervals. It should fly by. 

Take a 4-minute break, then do one more set. That 4 minutes is an eternity, remember? You just felt that eternity on the treadmill. 

You will never in your life feel a more different 2 minutes! And those last 30 seconds? They will be welcomed with cramping abs and tick down at least 10x more slowly than last 30 during your interval rest. Clear science.

Comment below and share your Einstein-worthy training examples of the Relativity of Space and Time in your life. I promise - if you’re an athlete, you HAVE experienced it in action!